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Hendrik Du Toit – 4×4 customer

“I’ve used Valor for a few years and am very happy with it – Hendrik Du Toit 4×4.

Heinrich Röntgen

Travelling to isolated areas in Africa, one of the biggest concerns is the condition of your tyres and if they are running properly. After installing the TPMS in the vehicle it has given me the reassurance knowing that the tyres are running smoothly at the correct pressures and temperatures. When driving routes through the Central […]

Peet van Breede – 4×4 Customer

It’s amazing what temperature does to increase tyre pressure. It shows how important it is to check pressure when cold and amazing how quick tyres warm up. Valor is very simple to fit and use. Very useful little screen as well.” Peet van Breede – 4×4 Customer

Zirk Pretorius

“This is the best modification I’ve made to my vehicle. I installed my first set of Valor TPMS monitors in 2007, have used TPMS on 2 4X4 vehicles where one of the vehicles are primarily used for off-road and long distance overland travel – I have had numerous punctures where the modus operand is to […]