Extreme Duty, Mining & Construction vehicle TPMS

The Valor extreme duty TPMS system is designed for the roughest terrains such as mine sites, industrial and construction industries. Our patented solution have magnetic sensors that are attached to the inside of the tyre and ensure that air pressure and temperature don’t drop or heighten without a siren. The magnetic strips are waterproof, robust and reliable.

Tyre data can be managed in various ways. Tyreco can provide you with our own software solutions, or if preferred, we work along your current telematics service provider.

The VALOR Extreme TPMS system has proven to be the most reliable system on the market today, and is the preferred system in North America, Mexico, Europe and Africa.

How the system works

The Extreme duty TPMS system consists of 4 basic parts as displayed in the image below.

Extreme environment internally mounted sensor monitors both temperature and pressure. Sensor is attached to rim by means of magnets.

Data is received wirelessly from the sensors and transmits it to the transceiver.

The display visualizes the individual tyre position for easy read interface data in real time.  (We have various displays depending on preferences)

Extreme Duty Waterproof Sensors 

  • Internal sensors provide safety and prevent extensive damage
  • Patented Waterproof magnetic mount sensors
  • Monitors tyre temperature and pressure
  • Real time monitoring 24/7
  • Battery life between 5 to 7 years
  • Easy to install
  • Internal sensors are robust, reliable and secure – free from theft or damage.
  • Sensors work with all tyre additives & tyre sizes

The Valor Extreme duty solution:

  • Proactive Tyre Management
  • Robust, precision sensor
  • Reliable data transmission
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Individual tyre audit trail