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“This is the best modification I’ve made to my vehicle. I installed my first set of Valor TPMS monitors in 2007, have used TPMS on 2 4X4 vehicles where one of the vehicles are primarily used for off-road and long distance overland travel – I have had numerous punctures where the modus operand is to stop when the alarm sound, whenever possible do temporary repairs (remove thorn/stone/object) and temporary plug the hole usually before tyre is fully deflated, without removing tyre – reinflate and carry on – save time, effort and especially saved tyres (and possibly safety issues) as one find it difficult to “sense” tyre starting to deflate when driving in off-road conditions – also good that Valor has ability to be used at low(deflated for off-road use) and normal tyre pressures, and the 203’s sensitivity picks up the spare in reasonably short time even though it is not turning. TPMS systems should be the first modification to 4X4 vehicles and certainly payed for itself on my vehicle. The customer service from Valor/Tyreco when I had questions and issues were exceptional.”

Zirk Pretorius (current Valor 203 RV 6wheel, previously 201-S, fitted on Toyota Land Cruiser 105)

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