The company was started in early 2004 selling car and truck tyre pressure indicator valve caps as safety devices. Tyreco has grown from strength to strength selling a range of quality TPMS products complementary to the company vision of vehicle safety, economy and performance.

In 2006, the tyreco owners together with Shanghai Baolong Industries Corporation designer the Valor on/off road D201 TPMS. The product won a new product showcase award at the AAPEX show in Las Vegas.

Today Tyreco services TPMS systems for various applications including Truck TPMS, Extreme duty TPMS, 4X4 TPMS, Bus TPMS, Caravan/ Trailer TPMS, Heavy hauler TPMS and TPMS for construction and mining industries.

Tyreco also offers telemetric integration services pertaining to the TPMS and Temptrac hardware. Tyreco also offers continuous support and reporting services. To ensure each client’s specific business needs are met, we request that you enquire via email with your specific telemetric requirements for Tyreco to prepare specific business solutions which add maximum value

Tyreco is the exclusive distributor of all Valor TPMS products in Africa.