When driving on the roads in Southern Africa, you need to ensure your tyres are in good condition to safely natigate potholes and other road conditions that may put your passengers’ lives in danger. Valor has designed a TPMS system for buses to ensure no issues arise which may endanger the passengers travelling with you as well as prevent damage to your vehicle. Valor TPMS gives you the control and power to safely stop the vehicle for repairs. Valor can also proactively ensure that problematic tyre issues are detected before passengers board the bus.

By ensuring that both tyre pressure and temperature is managed throughout your fleet, you can extend the tyre lifetime, reduce fuel consumption and fleet downtime, whilst getting passengers safely to their destination.

The Tyreco/Valor TPMS provides REAL time warnings for:

  • High Pressure
  • Low Pressure
  • Slow & Fast Leakage
  • High Temperature (over 175degrees F/79 degrees C)

How the system works

Sensors are internally mounted to the wheel rim using a steel strap. Sensors are independent of the tyre and valve arrangements, allowing for replacement of either without having to replace the sensor.

The internal sensor captures actual tyre pressure and air temperature information then transmits these via secure radio frequencies to the antennae and receiver unit. Information is then displayed in real time to the driver on the dashboard screen.

Telematics and cloud based data storage solutions are available for fleets. Background data analysis and reporting can assist with optimizing fleet operating costs.

Internally mounted sensor monitors both temperature and pressure.

Data is received wirelessly from the sensors and transmits it to the transceiver.

The display visualizes the individual tyre & axle position for easy read interface data in real time. (We have various displays depending on preferences)

Tyre Pressure Sensors

  • Internal sensors provide safety and prevent extensive damage
  • Monitors tyre temperature and pressure
  • Real time monitoring 24/7
  • Battery life between 5 to 7 years
  • Easy to install
  • Internal sensors are robust, reliable and secure – free from theft or damage.

Fleet Management software integration

  • Tyreco offers fleet management or tyre management software to consolidate
  • the fleet’s tyre pressure and temperature data on a centralized platform.
  • The solution is integrated with Geotabs’ web based fleet management software.
  • TPMS Data is transmitted through the Geotab GO devices and tyre health
  • can now be managed from anywhere, through your “MyGeotab
  • Fleet Management” interface.
  • By installing the software, you can now focuses more effectively
  • On fleet performance rather than spending time worrying about the Tyres.